Recorded music exists in two separate realms - streaming and physical releases. At New Materialism we conceptualize a hybrid approach, where objects act as mobile-first entry points to digital content. We incorporate streaming music and exclusive dynamic content in physical releases and marketing material.

In other words…

  • Touch vinyl with a mobile phone to listen.
  • Scan T-shirts to unlock extra content.
  • Access playlists in coffee cups.

Things like that.

Scan demo
Magazine demo

where we can help

New Materialism offers consultancy on implementing (proprietary) QR, on all aspects of incorporating NFC, on how AR can work with content management and, most importantly, on how to activate your audience and increase your response-rate.

We also offer off-the-shelf products, like our mobile-first replacement of the old-fashioned vinyl downloadcode.

The object-management-system we develop supports a range of interfaces - NFC, QR and AR, shortened URL’s. It offers secure hosting of music content as well as third-party support.

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