To showcase one of our concepts, we offer to send you a small batch of 'hybrid' buttons. These are old-school pinback buttons, but they also offer access to mobile streaming music, in this case to one of your public Spotify playlists.

And how do they work?

You simply tap your phone against them.

free sample?

The small batch of buttons itself is free, but to cover for shipping and handling we charge $2. To receive a sample, first log in with Spotify.

Privacy is important to us. We do not gather or store any personal information from Spotify other than general information on your public playlists. Privacy policy.

NFC-integrated merch

New Materialism implements a range of technologies to connect physical releases and merchandise to streaming music. These buttons use NFC. Tapping them with an NFC-enabled phone will open up a Spotify playlist. Most Android mobile phones (full list) and - starting September 2017 - the iPhone 7, 8 and X support this wireless technology.

These buttons act as physical, persistent links. They are basic examples - we offer other, much more dynamic and secure solutions. We’ve helped bands and festivals with diverse examples of ‘mobile-first’ merch: T-shirts with embedded exclusive tracks, vinyl releases with bonus video streams. To learn more about the services we provide, get in touch.